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Elder Abuse Resources

Recognizing elder abuse and knowing your rights 

How to help prevent elder abuse


Elder abuse from a legal perspective 

Physical abuse


Sexual abuse 

Emotional abuse


Financial abuse







Overview from the World Health Organization

Overview from the Nursing Home Abuse Center

Data sources from the Center for Disease Control



Maine Adult Protective Services


Hotlines for other states 



Maine Office of Aging and Disability Services


Maine Council on Aging


Maine Council for Elder Abuse Prevention

Legal Services for the Elderly


Aroostook Area Agency on Aging

Eastern Area Agency on Aging

Seniors Plus

Southern Maine Agency on Aging

Spectrum Generations

Local Triad Contacts

Overviews of Elder Abuse

How to Report Possible or Suspected Elder Abuse

Maine Triads

Maine Resources

Elder Abuse Data

Maine Area Agencies on Aging

Detailed Look at Types of Elder Abuse

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