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Effect of an elder abuse and self-neglect intervention on repeat investigations by adult protective services: RISE project
Published in the Journal of American Geriatrics June 10, 2023.

RISE is a community-based intervention designed to complement APS that provides enhanced services and a longer intervention phase. The objective of this study was to test whether exposure to the RISE/APS collaboration was associated with reducing the case outcome of recurrence (repeat investigations) compared to usual care APS only services.

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RISE: A Conceptual Model of Integrated and Restorative Elder Abuse Intervention

Published in The Gerontologist, June 15, 2022.


Despite a growing number of elder abuse (EA) cases nationwide, response programs such as adult protective services (APS) lack a defined, prolonged intervention phase to address these complex situations. This article presents RISE, a model of EA intervention that works alongside APS or other systems that interact with at-risk older adults. 

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Our summer 2022 newsletter contains these exciting updates:​

  • We introduce A Helping Voice - a new service to support people concerned about the safety of older Mainers. Learn more here

  • Friend of the agency, Mary Lou Ciofi shares her perspective on ageism in an interview with Elder Advocate Kathryn Harnish. Read more here.

  • Elder Advocates answer the question: What would you want other people - EAIME supporters, legislators, community partner - to know about your work? Read more here.

  • We welcome new staff, congratulate promotions and say goodbye and good luck to our esteemed colleague and Elder Service Connections Program Supervisor. Meet Megan, Polly and Joanna. 

  • We share an article published in The Gerontologist about our work. Read more here

  • We are hiring a new Advocate to join our Elder Service Connections Program. Click here for more information.

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Our December 2021 Newsletter includes stories about:

  • Efforts to acknowledge and help repair harm in relationships using restorative approaches adapted to incidences of elder abuse, exploitation and neglect.

  • The theme of ageism across articles and the thoughtfulness with which people across Maine are bringing it to light

  • An introduction to exploitation via online scams and the growing impact romance scams have on the financial well-being of older folks.

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