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Megan Nizza, MSW

Outgoing Program Supervisor


Megan began her work with us in June 2019, as we launched our Elder Service Connections Program. She came to the job interested in working with older folks, exploring restorative approaches to elder justice, and a with keen eye for research.

Megan was promoted to Program Supervisor in spring of 2021 and quickly blossomed in the role. Under her leadership and with her guidance, our program grew as we brought on 6 more staff persons, including 3 student interns.

Megan supervised her team through Covid, our move to remote work, and through the expansion from a 2 county program to one that reaches statewide. Throughout all of these adjustments Megan remained steadfast in her support of our staff and the clients they serve.


Megan is leaving EAIME to pursue her Ph.D from Boston University, focusing on older adults, aging policy and elder justice.


While we will miss Megan's leadership, wise insights and humor, we are excited about her future and know her impact on the lives of older individuals will grow in the years to come.


Join us in both thanking and wishing Megan well!

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