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Intern Program

Each year, we welcome applications for our Intern Program. We have been fortunate to recruit talented MSW and BSW students to work alongside our staff. To date, we have collaborated with the University of New England and St. Joseph's College. Interns have opportunities to perform direct clients services, receive professional development and training in motivated interviewing, supported decision making, restorative justice, and teaming. Interns participate in innovative research projects that have the potential to be replicated not only throughout Maine, but across the United States. 

If you are interested in learning more about our Intern Program, please contact Megan Nizza.

Welcome our 2021 Interns!

Laurel Tegtman, MSW student at the University of New England

"I am very excited to be interning with EAIME over the next 9 months. I graduated from Colorado State University in 2020 with a Bachelor’s of Social Work. My journey into the field of social work has had many twists and turns, but I am so happy that I pursued this degree. After graduating from CSU, I worked at the Family Resource Center in Sterling, CO. I worked with families who were referred to the Department of Human Services, but their cases were never opened. I worked with the families on goal setting, identifying solid supports, and connecting them with resources in the community. Watching the families grow throughout the months that I worked with them was so rewarding. I also ran various youth programs during my time at Family Resource Center. 

I am currently at the University of New England pursuing a Master’s of Social work. I decided to work towards getting the Training in Aging and Diversity (TRIAD) certificate, and that is how I found EAIME. I am looking forward to gaining micro and macro-level experience with the older adult population. This organization has so many components; I am so excited to learn about the services offered and gain experience in this area of social work. Last but not least, I am looking forward to getting to know the team. I know this will be a great experience at EAIME!"

Aliera Chipman, BSW student at the St. Joseph's College

"I started my career in social services working with adults with intellectual disabilities in a residential setting. I’ve enjoyed working in this field at various agencies across four states for more than a decade. I became the Assistance Director of Residential Services at an agency in Michigan where I was inspired to return to school and finish my bachelor’s degree. Currently, I am finishing my BA in Social Work at Saint Joseph’s College. 


My choice to work at EAIME was fueled by my desire to gain further knowledge working with older adults. I instantly knew at my first interview that this was a welcoming, supportive environment where I would gain the knowledge I was hoping for, and more. It's inspiring to see the passion in everyone at EAIME to improve the services and care for older adults. I have enjoyed the last three months at EAIME and looking forward to spending a few more months with the team!"

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