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Staff and Board of Directors

EAIME Staff Team
Patricia Kimball, MS, MS
Executive Director

Meg London
Associate Director

Chris Wolff
Operations Director

Amy Bruning
Finance Director

Polly Madson Cox, LCSW
Program Supervisor
Team Leader, Mid Team

Lacey Donle, LSW

Program Manager
Team Leader, South Team


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EAIME Board of Directors
Brittany Robidoux, Chair

Don Harden, Vice Chair

Polly Campbell, Treasurer

Patty Moran, Secretary

Sue Hall-Dreher

Jill Annese

 Jennifer Minkowitz

Melissa Morrill

Stacey Chenevert

Val Sauda


Joanna Stokinger, MS
Transitional Housing Team Leader

Kelsey Park, MA
Restorative Justice & Policy Consultant

Alice Barakagwira
Advocate, South Team

Sheena Boone

Advocate, Mid Team

Alishia Campbell
Advocate, Mid Team

Jacinta Deschaine
Advocate, North Team
Carrie-Jo LeBlanc
Advocate, Mid Team
Ella Twomey
Advocate, West Team


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