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A Helping Voice


In 2019, we received a Robert Wood Johnson Interdisciplinary Research Leadership grant, and partnered with the University of Southern California Keck School of Medicine, and the Dartmouth Giesel School of Medicine to launch a research intervention project designed to help us understand and mitigate the challenges to mandatory reporting of elder abuse to Adult Protective Services.  


From this project, A Helping Voice was born.  


A Helping Voice is confidential phone service that provides support to people who have concerns about an older person being mistreated, exploited or neglected and are uncertain about whether they should report this to Adult Protective Services.

Through this service, our phone Advisors  help you figure out whether what you are worried about is abuse, to offer guidance on whether you are a mandated reporter, to tell you how to call APS and to support you in making that call, if it’s necessary.

While targeted initially to Maine's home health care workers, anyone is encouraged to call.  Calls are confidential.  207-805-555.


Visit a Helping Voice website.

Check out this fun interactive flip book to learn more. 

We are happy to share details about this program with your team or agency!  Contact us at:

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