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Community Education

Your Voice May Be the One She Needs (1).

Community Education

Presentations, Exhibits

We provide multi-disciplinary elder abuse awareness and response workshops, conference presentations, exhibits, and community talks throughout the State of Maine and for a variety of groups and programs. 

Email Chris Wolff, Operations Director, for more information. 

Poster Project

The following posters were created as part of a project to spread awareness about elder abuse, to increase knowledge and understanding of the issue, and to share the resources available to assist people.  Each poster offers a slightly different message, but they all share consistent language designed to encourage people to report their concerns.  We invite you to helps share these posters across your networks in a variety of ways:


  • Post them on your agency bulletin board or in your staff break room

  • Include them as graphics in your newsletters, or

  • Print and distribute them at educational events.  


Please email Chris Wolff if you would like to download and print any of these posters, or if you would like to receive copies by mail. 

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