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EAIME Participates in National Discussion on Person-Centered Elder Abuse Interventions 

On January 25th, Elder Service Connections Program Supervisor Polly Madson Cox was one of the featured speakers during the National Center on Elder Abuse's webinar on person-centered approaches to elder abuse interventions.  Polly joined a group of other service providers from across the U.S. to share insights from their work in using older adults' values and preferences as a guide to supporting their life goals.  During the session, Polly had the opportunity to both speak about the Elder Service Connections program and address questions from the audience that allowed her to share more about the complexities and nuances of Advocates' work.  With an audience of more than 200, it was a terrific opportunity for EAIME to share the innovative practices that we engage in through the RISE Model and to reflect on how person-centered approaches can be adapted to elder abuse interventions.  Polly’s comments in the session reinforced how unique our program is - and how we're leading the way in demonstrating that person-centered care really works!​

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